Mission Smile Brings New Sunshine in Little Naveen’s Life

In our recently completed Vijayawada Mission, we met Gangale Naveen, a 2 year old baby with cleft lip and palate deformities. He’s born into a farmer family with a meagre daily income of Rs.300-400 per day. Both his parents are uneducated farm-workers. They didn’t have the faintest idea of cleft and like many in their village, thought it to be a curse inflicted upon them by the Almighty. Obviously, they wanted their child to look and grow up like all other normal children but due to lack of awareness about cleft, and the superstition surrounding it, even today among the uneducated folks of their society, Naveen’s future depended on destiny’s intervention.

The mother confessed that she’s worried about her child’s future and was anxious on how she would raise her cleft baby amid a society where cleft is still considered a curse and a taboo . Besides, the mother agreed facing hardships with feeding her child – a very common problem with most cleft babies. As a result, little Naveen was under-nourished and thus exposed to frequent illnesses.

The parents found a new ray of hope when they came to know about Mission Smile’s Free Medical Surgery Camp in Vijayawada from leaflets distributed in their neighbourhood. On arrival they felt assured by the friendly behaviour of our Mission volunteers and medical personnel who instilled in them ‘hope’ and ‘confidence’, which they were lacking ever since the birth of their child.

Little Naveen was screened by our team and after the successful completion of the surgery during Vijayawada Mission; we could easily spot tears of joy on the parent’s eyes. This was a miracle for them and we too smiled in their smiles. Team Mission Smile wishes little Naveen a healthy and happy life ahead!

At Mission Smile, we are striving to remove cleft lip and palate deformities bringing more and more smiles to the cleft children and adults across India. In this mission, we need YOUR HELP to support us.[Click Here to DONATE to Mission Smile]

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