Volunteer Story of Isha Mahajan from Kolkata Mission

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight !

Who would know this better than MISSION SMILE, who have been providing FREE life changing cleft care and surgeries.

What an emotional & enriching experience in August 2017 for me ! Words cannot explain how lucky I feel to have spent time with Mission Smile as a Volunteer in the Kolkata International Mission.

Initial screening day was much more than just medical screening – it involved gathering all kinds of information, educating and informing patients and their families that cleft is curable through surgery. It was disturbing to see that there are still superstitions about causes for the clefts. Initially, I took few children through the entire screening process (different counters like Registration, check-ups by Surgeons, Dentists, Anaesthetists, Paediatricians, Speech Therapists, Laboratory for blood tests etc).

The experts trained me to assist them in various departments (Pre-operative, Child life and Post-operative) and make the experience comfortable for everyone – patients, their families, doctors and the management.  I have carried back with me so many fond memories of children with whom I got emotionally attached, be it Mampi, Aarav, Soumojit or others. It was a pleasurable moment to see these children experiencing a life changing event and further spreading smiles on the faces of their families and friends.

Besides the above, I cannot resist myself from saying what a fantastic team Mission Smile has -relentlessly working with warmth every single day.

My above experience motivated & encouraged me after coming back from Kolkata to work towards placing Mission Smile on the Global Giving Platform, for better visibility to international donors.

With so much required to be done for the world, I would certainly want to be associated with the cause in one way or the other – act as a conduit to spread the message of humanity to our generation, encouraging them to participate in such causes, etc. to enable world become a better place to live in.

With Mission Smile always…..

Isha Mahajan.


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