Aspiration to become an ONGC Officer - Mission Smile

Manasjyoti is from Sivsagar of Assam. He is now eleven years of age and studies in the fourth standard. He is very good at singing. Like every normal boy, he dreams of making it big and becoming an ONGC officer one day. But his facial deformities came in the way of his dreams.

Manashjyoti suffered from Cleft Palate since his birth. He grew up suffering from ridicule and ostracized treatment from his classmates and neighbours. This was a cause of concern for his parents, who were apprehensive of society’s acceptance of their child.

Cleft Palate of Manashjyoti

Singing Upbeat

The boy is intelligent and studious. When asked about his ambition, he is very particular in saying that he wants to be an ONGC officer when he grows up. He has a mellifluous voice and is especially good at singing old melodies. But continuous taunt and ill-treatment from society had made him depressed and lonely. He kept to himself, bearing the stigma of a cleft lip. Gradually his interest in studies was also waning.

 Manashjyoti’s father, Ukhasor, is a wage earner. He has to labour daily to get ends meet. His wife, Saraswati is a homemaker only. The family’s income is hardly sufficient to maintain the family members’ sustenance. Ukhasor and his wife could not even dream of surgery to rectify their child’s cleft. The cost of operation is beyond their reach. Hence, they bore with a heavy heart all the pain their child had to suffer.  

By a stroke of luck, Ukhasor heard about Mission Smile and its free cleft rectification program. His parents brought him to our Cleft care centre at Guwahati. Doctors screened the boy and found him fit for the surgery. He received the rectification surgery for his cleft lips at our Centre on 18th March 2021. 

The parents’ joy knew no bounds in viewing their child’s rectified lips. He now has the most beautiful smile they have ever seen. 

After the Lips rectification

Beaming with a Smile

However, Manashjyoti still has problems in feeding and breathing due to his cleft palate. He has to undergo another surgery to get his cleft palate rectified after a few months from now. We are determined to get his palate completely rectified and take him on the journey from cleft to smile.

However, many others across India await the chance for such transformation from cleft to smile. In fact, they do not have the funds to carry on the treatments’ cost. Only your participation as a volunteer and donations can make their dream come true. Please donate to support our cause.