Surgery Gives Hasina her Confidence Back | Mission Smile

Hasina, an eight-year-old girl from the northeast state of Meghalaya, was born with cleft lip and palate deformities. She is one of the twins born to parents Polen and Fatima. The other twin was hale and hearty and grew up. Naturally, cleft deformity restricted Hasina’s early days of development, needing a cleft lip repair.

Hasina started growing up as a shy baby and preferred to stay aloof. Cleft lip causes her to be different from kids of her age. There was a stark difference in the way people from her community treated and reacted to her. The little girl’s mother was apprehensive about her future. She feared that her child would never lead an everyday life.

It was a silver lining when a volunteer who works for cleft patients identified Hasina and met her parents. He pursueded them to visit Mission Smile for her cleft lip treatment.

Hasina received her surgery at Mission Smile. Eventually, in the following weeks, her smile was restored! Today she’s just as normal as her twin sibling. She is growing up in the same way as any other siblings of their age.

Proper awareness of cleft lip and palate treatment can help remove the social stigma associated with children born with such facial deformities. Moreover, kids like Hasina, who need special care and medical help, should not be treated in a way that pushes them into the abyss of depression at such a young age.

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