Comprehensive Care Transforms Aman’s Life - Mission Smile

Superstitions associated with cleft make life difficult not only for a child born with Cleft but also for his/her parents. Aman’s story is a perfect example of this.

Aman’s family belongs to an Assamese community that are highly superstitious. When Aman was born with a cleft lip deformity, his petrified mother had no clue how their organisation would react to seeing their son’s facial deformity. Moreover, the apprehensive parents feared rejection from their community.

Aman’s parents were counselled by local hospital staff. The counsellor made them understand that cleft could be easily cured with rectification surgery, followed by post-operative care. The parents were asked to take their kid to Mission Smile’s Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre (GC4) for medical evaluation.

At GC4, on examination, it was found that Aman was underweight, and thus he was unfit to endure the surgery. He was enrolled on our nutrition program. Just after his first nutrition counselling session, his worried parents felt relaxed. Aman responded positively to the nutrition program; within two months of his induction, he gained weight and was considered suited for surgery. Consequently, Aman received his surgery and his smile was restored.

For his parents, it was no less than a sheer miracle to see their son’s cleft lips repaired. They went back home with little Aman smiling at us as if to say “Thank you.”

Mission Smile offers comprehensive cleft care treatment and free cleft surgeries to children and young adults from underprivileged backgrounds across India. Help us gift smiles to the needy and fulfil our mission of building a cleft free India.