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Mahi, a 7-month-old child from Karimganj, Assam, was a tiny and vulnerable baby. She was born with a cleft palate, which caused her to have difficulty breathing, feeding, and hearing. Anup and Mangala were both ecstatic because this would be their first child. They were pleased with the possibility of having a child and overjoyed more when they found they had a daughter – Mahi, a precious Divine gift. The baby was on the edge of a tragic start. The first cleft-related concern that devastated their heart was there unable to breastfeed her properly.
A cleft lip is a condition in which the upper lip, roof of the mouth, or both has abnormal gaps. After birth, the deformity causes issues with feeding, eating, breathing, and hearing. She made it challenging to breastfeed or drink from a bottle. They realized this tiny baby’s journey would be much more challenging than my other children’s since they didn’t know anything about clefts medical procedures. Mahi’s parents are unaware of the particular cause, although they believe it is due to the lack of nutrition. Mahi’s father had a simple small business that they could not even imagine being able to afford the treatment. The couple discussed their problems with their families and relatives, who gave support, and the parents received a glimpse of hope when one of their neighbours recommended Mission Smile to them.

She needed surgery as soon as possible to correct the cleft so that it didn’t affect her speech. We knew surgery was the right approach for Mahi, but we also knew it would be painful, stressful, and distressing. The cleft team was wonderful, and they gave attention to the adorable, cheerful baby. Our experienced and knowledgeable team helped the parents prepare for the sugery of the child. She has recovered and healed as a result of the treatment. She barely has a scar, and takes food with such joy and zest that you’d never guess she ever had a problem. All of the worries and concerns about her parents gradually faded away. We had quite a notion she’d be flawless in every aspect. She’ll be the most amazing, sweet, generous, confident child a year from now.
“She’ll lead a full life”.

Many children all over the country suffer untreated cleft palates. Surgery can help restore normal health and appearance, and we can hope to give every child the ability to smile freely. But, hopefully, we’ll be capable of doing it together. 
Mission Smile highly appreciates our donor’s contribution.