A Miracle Happened in Kolkata Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre | Mission Smile

Adrija, a 3-year-11-months old girl, was born with type 7 cleft. This is a rare type of cleft condition. Adrija belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Since birth, the girl child faced constant indifference and discrimination. Her grandmother held her mother responsible for giving birth to a child with cleft deformity. Yet, despite all the opposition at the home front, Adrija’s father always stood by her mom. The parents wanted to see their daughter smile like other kids of her age. But they could not afford the cost of her surgery, which would forever transform their daughter’s life. Neither did the poor couple receive any financial or moral support from their family members, friends and relatives. Little Adrija’s future remained uncertain.

adrija smile story

When hope seemed the only option, a miracle happened! Adrija’s parents learned about Mission Smile from a neighbour who is a doctor. They didn’t wait long and took her to Mission Smile’s Kolkata Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre (KC4) in Flemming Hospital, Topsia, for a checkup. After medical screening, little Adrija was selected for cleft rectification surgery. On the designated date (25th June 2019), she received her surgery at KC4 and is currently undergoing recovery.

At first, Adrija’s parents were apprehensive about their daughter’s surgery. Still, assurance from our doctors and nurses made them realise that this was the best option for their only child to be cured of her cleft deformities and lead a normal life.  The parents were delighted with the surgery outcome and thanked Mission Smile for saving their daughter from the clutches of misery. Adrija showed promise in singing and dancing from an early age. When asked what they would want her to become, the parents unanimously agreed that they want her to become a dancer when she grows up! And to become a good dancer, she would certainly require her gleaming smile. We wish Adrija all the best for her future.

Adrija was lucky, but not all cleft children are! That’s why we want your donation to cover the cost of surgery for unfortunate cleft children from across India. Click here to donate.