Little Arup’s Journey from Cleft to Smile - Mission Smile

Arup, a little boy from Assam, was born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. His parents never expected their son to be taken with a cleft. Due to their ignorance about cleft, the parents found difficulty handling the cleft baby. Adding to their woes, continuous back talks and gossip forced them to keep the child confined within their house’s four walls. The immediate society they belong to instilled in them a belief that their son was born with a cleft due to the ‘Bad Karma’. At this point, the future looked bleak for the little kid.

Luckily for little Arup, during his routine immunisation at the Civil Hospital, a nurse saw his cleft deformity and informed his parents about Mission Smile. The parents wasted no time and visited Mission Smile’s Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre (GC4) at the earliest. They were greeted with warmth, and little Arup was treated with the utmost care by our officials and the team at GC4. The parents were instructed on taking proper care of their cleft baby. The treatment process began, and in due course, Arup’s cleft lips and palate deformities were corrected through surgery. Currently, the child is undergoing medication post palate surgery. We wish him the earliest transformation from cleft to smile.

Little Arup was fortunate, but thousands of kids in India are waiting to be treated.  Your donation can transform their lives. Donate to Mission Smile.