Mrinmoy’s Tale of Transformation - Mission Smile

We continue our persistent efforts to bring back in our patients a delightful smile. Often the operation procedures are done in steps till the deformities are entirely correct.

Mrinmoy Bezbaruah came to us when he was only a year old. He had both a cleft lip and palate. His lip was repaired during his first visit, but he had to wait five more years before his palate could be reconstructed. On 20th December 2018, Mrinmoy went through his palate repair surgery. His parents were too delighted to call the transformation an early Christmas gift.

When he was seven years old, Mrinmoy returned for his post-surgery follow-up session, which included his first speech-therapy counselling. His parents were advised to continue with this speech training at home. When they returned two months later for the second follow-up, our speech-specialists at the centre found that Mrinmoy’s parents had not followed their directions; they had not continued practising everyday speech with their child.

The little one went through speech therapy again and asked to return for a highly unusual third follow up. This time Mrinmoy’s parents performed due diligence, and when the family returned for the third session, our therapists found his speech vastly improved. They were satisfied with his progress and asked the family to report back in 6-months.

During an outreach camp in the Baksa district, our team reached out to little Mrinmoy. They found that the child had recovered entirely, but he had also made tremendous progress in his speech. He no longer had resonance or articulation problems while talking; his speech was utterly every day! The beaming parents proudly informed the team that they had been practising his speech therapy at home and could not believe that this is the same child born with a cleft lip and palate.