Muthoot Papachan Foundation visit to Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre

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Dr. Prashant Kumar Nellickal is the CSR Head from Muthoot Papachan Foundation, who are the Corporate Donors of Operation Smile India. With their continuous support and help we have conducted 2 successful missions in Kottayam and Nagercoil. The foundation has also supported surgeries at our Nagercoil centre. He visited our Guwahati Comprehensive cleft Care Centre, to see how this center runs. With their support we have successfully provided smiles to many children who have waited long to get back their smiles. It was a great pleasure for us that he visited our center in Guwahati.

Muthoot has championed the cause of cleft in a major way and ‘Smile Please’ initiative has become a flagship initiative to make South India ‘Cleft Free’.

Many thanks to our team at GC4 for having made Prasanth’s trip a productive one and we are certain that this would pave the way for a deeper and more meaningful partnership with the Muthoot Group.