Nagercoil Mission, January 2015


Recently in the month of January, 2015 we have completed our third medical mission in Nagercoil. With the kind help from Muthoot Papachan Foundation we have been able to provide smiles to 38 children. It has been a great achievement for Operation Smile India to provide surgeries to 38 children who have waited for a long time to get back their smiles.

Birthday, a special day in anybody’s life and celebrating it with somebody’s smile is another great achievement. We got a child name Sivayogi Murugan came with his father (Murugan) and mother (Sivagoni) to our Mission Site in Nagercoil for getting operated travelling 8 hrs by bus. He was suffering from cleft lip and was unhealthy and unhappy because there was lack of smile on his face neither on his parents face. At the time he was brought to our mission site we were unaware of his birthday. The surgery date was scheduled on 16th January, and his birthday was on 17th January. His surgery was taken as an important surgery by all the members of Operation Smile India present there in the mission. Another successful surgery was conducted by team Operation Smile India, giving another smile to a child and also to his family. He got his smile back on the day of his 1stbirthday. It was a mind blowing experience and also an unexpected happiness to Sivayogi’s face and also to his family. The best birthday gift to him, which he will never forget and will remember till the day he, will be smiling.

DSC_1653 DSC_1658






Naomie Rodrick, 50 years was the oldest lady to get operated in Operation Smile India 3rd mission in Nagercoil, Tamilnadu. She was mentally challenged and her behavior was like a child. Travelling overnight by train, she came to our mission site with her sister Allyson Khan. Allyson was so much worried about her sister due to her age but she was determined to get her sister operated. Naomie was selected to get operated in our mission and was treated as one of our patient or more than that. Naomie interacted with each and every member of Operation Smile India as she knows every one of them from a long time. Her operation was successfully done and she is smiling again.







The mission was a great success of Operation Smile India.