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Shaima Mallik, 20, wanted to become a teacher.  She was very excited when admitted to a school of her village, North Karola in Howrah district. But Shaima could not even complete her primary school studies because of being teased and ridiculed by schoolmates. There was no option for her to get rid of bullying than to sit at home. In fact, she has been bullied throughout her life by the villagers. When she was born, people of her village thronged her house to get a glimpse of her face. She was the first girl of her village who was born with Cleft lip. Neighbors nicknamed her as Kanta (split).

Although a school dropout, she knows basic mathematics. Her family taught her basic calculations so that she could manage the budget of her family in future. For her mother, Shalehar Mallik, it was very painful to see her daughter in this condition. Shalehar wanted to plan for her daughter’s wedding. However, it seemed challenging due to her daughter’s facial deformity. She almost started believing that her elder daughter Shaima was destined to live a life with her cleft deformity. Therefore, the family started planning to give marriage of Shaima’s younger sister before Shaima’s marriage.  In the mean time, they came to know about Mission Smile and its free corrective surgery from Shaima’s cousin who visited their home that time.

The family brought Shaima to Mission smile’s outreach center, NH Hospital in Barasat for Cleft lip surgery. Shaima was admitted to the hospital on the same day of her screening as she was found fit for surgery. Next day on 25th Feb 2016, her surgery was completed successfully. Now, the anxious family was feeling relieved by seeing Shaima’s healed lips. Her mother was so touched by seeing her daughter smiling that she could not stop her tears. She thanked Mission Smile and said that she and her daughter would never forget Mission Smile for changing their lives!

Now, Neighbors visit their house to greet Shaima and no one calls Shaima as Kanta anymore. On the other hand, Shalehar is planning for her elder daughter Shaima’s wedding. She has started searching groom for her daughter. And, Shaima is blushing with new dreams in her eyes!

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