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Nutrition for Cleft Children in Covid


The most immediate concern for a baby with a cleft is good nutrition. One of every three cleft children is not getting the proper nutrition they need. Especially from birth to the kid’s first birthday. Therefore a huge number of kids suffer from malnutrition.

Many cleft children remain untreated as they are malnourished and hence physically unsafe for surgery and vulnerable to covid19. The problem starts in infancy due to their inability to receive effective breastfeeding which is the principal source of nourishment for babies in developing countries. Cleft children have an impaired sucking mechanism which makes breastfeeding tiring for the child. The problem is further compounded by the lack of knowledge of the parents in different methods and positions to feed the cleft babies.

To address the difficulties we give free adequate nutrition to 1 patient and Ration Kit to their 2 family members so that they can avail themselves good nutritional care.