Rupam gets back his speech through cleft palate surgery - Mission Smile

Rupam (3-year-old) is the only child of his parents.  His father is a daily wage earner. They live in a village in 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. Rupam due to his cleft palate could not speak properly. His family was worried because Rupam found it difficult to have his food properly.

His father took him to a nearby hospital where the doctor suggested cleft surgery for Rupam. But being a daily wage earner, he could not even think of affording surgery his child desperately needed. By chance, his father came across a poster of our ‘free cleft surgery camp’ in their village market. Finally, the family had a ray of hope!

Rupam’s parents brought him to our Outreach Centre, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Barasat, West Bengal on 24th February 2016. Rupam was screened by the doctors and was selected for surgery. On the next day, 25th February 2016, Rupam’s Cleft Palate surgery was performed successfully.

It was a great relief for the parents and their family to get back their toddler’s clear speech. Rupam’ father thanked J Thomas & Co. Pvt Ltd. the sponsors who supported our cleft surgeries at the NH Barasat, Outreach Centre. He also thanked Mission Smile doctors and team for bringing hope and changing their lives. It’s an overwhelming feeling for us to restore Rupam’s clear speech!

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