Sajit's Cleft Surgery Became the Turning Point of His Life - Mission Smile

We saw Sajit, the then 5-month old baby, for the first time during our Siliguri Surgical Camp screening in 2017. The baby was the unfortunate victim of cleft lip from birth. His parents had a meagre monthly income of Rupees Seven Thousand only. The family struggled to make ends meet. They knew that surgery could treat their beloved son’s facial deformity. However, owing to its high cost of surgery, it was impossible for them to even think about the surgery!

When our program coordinator interviewed, Sajit’s mother unveiled the challenges her family had to face in the past due to her son’s cleft lip. She recollected the happy day when she realised for the first time that she was pregnant.  All the family members rejoiced with the news, expecting the newest member’s arrival. However, the day Sajit was born, the parents and the family members were all in a shocking state.

Sajit was born with cleft lip deformity. His family knew that rectifying this facial deformity through surgery is well beyond their financial capacity. The parents only dreaded the unfortunate course of life which their beloved son Sajit might face as he grows up.  Besides, little Sajit already faced feeding difficulties from birth due to cleft lip. Yet, the mother could do little to find a solution. However, she always hoped for a miracle to happen. She prayed to the almighty for the well-being of Sajit every day.

Ultimately her prayers were answered when the family came to know about Mission Smile’s Free Surgical Camp in Siliguri.

Our smile volunteers spoke to Sajit’s parents at the screening session and assured them of a successful surgery. Finally, on the surgery’s designated day, the surgeon operated Sajit’s cleft lip and transformed his cleft into a smile.

Post-surgery, the first sight of Sajit’s recovery was a beautiful experience for his parents. Their son took a new birth with a new smile! Sajit’s mother was happy beyond words to see her little one on the way to recovery. Sajit’s parents were relaxed and relieved of tension for the first time since their son was born!

Sajit revisited us during our next surgical camps in Siliguri. He underwent follow-up check-ups. He healed completely. We will be following Sajit’s journey as he grows up to be a bright young boy in the coming years.

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