Story of a Dream - Mission Smile

Jahnabi is a six-month-old brave little girl born in Kamrup, Assam. Her parents had anxiously awaited the birth of their only child. But, little did they knew that Jahnabi would be born with cleft lip. Her parents were proud of their first child irrespective of her condition. But still, they would have anxiety on their mind thinking about how they can help their baby?

Jahnabi struggled to breastfeed or drink from a regular bottle as an infant since she can not establish a good suction with her mouth. Families and relatives hesitated to take the baby on their lap, which hurt the parents very much. Petty comments and judgments hurt her mother, Sikharani’s confidence, and they thought their daughter’s cleft resulted from their bad karma. So her parents began looking for a possible treatment for their daughter.

Jahanbi’s father, Ratul, visited several hospitals, all of which wanted outrageous fees for cleft surgery that they couldn’t afford. Finally, he came to know about Mission Smile while looking for a solution for her daughter and decided to approach us. Our doctors thoroughly examined her and guided her parents about the Cleft correction procedure.
When we told them that the cleft treatment for their daughter would be 100% free of cost, they could not believe it. Our surgical team head operated on Jahnabi’s cleft lip. We were delighted to see the dazzling smile on her face after the operation, and we enjoyed seeing her bloom and anticipate the girl she would become.

Mission Smile has touched many children’s lives, and we wishJahnabi, all the best in his future endeavours. We’re sure that she will flourish and have a successful life, and we are truly thankful to our generous donors.