Unlocking Happiness – A Gift of Smile for Little Aditya - Mission Smile

Aditya is like any little boy. He is innocent, playful and ever-so-demanding attention from people around! However, one feature of his made him stood out from others of his age. Aditya had cleft lips. His smile was beautiful in its way. Yet to his parents, family, and society, he was ‘incomplete’ without a complete ‘smile’. In January 2018, we operated on little Aditya Sharni Chaudhary at our Vadodara Mission. We ensured that he could sport a perfect smile throughout his life.

Right after his birth, the parents – Sharni & Jyoti Chaudhary, knew that a future full of struggle and uncertainties lay before their son- Aditya. Owing to his cleft lip deformity, little Aditya would one-day face discrimination in – school, college, job and so on. In short, without proper treatment at a young age, a miraculous recovery for Aditya would be quite impossible. However, they were fortunate somehow as their family and other people in their community were supportive.  They helped them take care of the child.

Moreover, the baby didn’t face a problem in feeding. That too was quite unusual! Cleft babies usually find it difficult to feed. Owing to their deformity, and most suffer from malnutrition. But in this case, Aditya’s (aged one year three months, when we met) parents informed us that the little boy liked the staple diet of dal, rice, vegetables, chapatti and milk. So he was relatively healthy, unlike other kids with a similar problem.

After Aditya’s birth, the parents were clueless about what caused their child to be born with a cleft lip deformity. No one in their family had such deformity. Also, they had no idea about the treatment. The doctor at the maternity unit of the hospital where Aditya was born informed the parents about cleft surgery. But even then, the unfortunate parents could only hope for the best. They didn’t have adequate funds to afford the costly treatment for cleft lip repair surgery.

It was sheer luck, together with divine grace, that Muthoot Fincorp representatives came to know about Aditya’s condition and contacted his parents.  MF representatives informed them about the free cleft surgery camp, which was to be organised by Mission Smile in Vadodara in January 2018. The family had a meagre monthly earning of Rs. 6000/- only. Hence they were also given Rs. 200/- for auto ride fare to Isha Hospital (campsite) from their home, 6-7 kilometres away, by Mission Smile.

Mission Smile team selected Aditya for surgery. Adita and his parents saw many kids who had come for their cleft lip and palate surgery. Aditya had a successful cleft lip repair surgery. He recuperated fast.  The patient’s father was in all praise for Mission Smile doctors and nurses.

A little act of charity is all we need to light up precious smiles on the lips of these children! That’s why we need YOU. Help kids like little Aditya, who want to smile like all of us and experience life in all its hues.