Zessy and Her Mother look forward to a New Life - Mission Smile

A young girl from Meghalaya conceived without marriage. However, her parents accepted and stood by her throughout her pregnancy period. She and her family were heartbroken when they saw her newborn child. They named her Zessy.

Zessy was different from others, was born with Cleft. The tribal Jhumiya community to which they belong believed ‘cleft’ deformity as an ominous sign from the Almighty. Still, her family stood by the side of her side, which was then a single mother. The god-fearing family believed in a heavenly intervention and hoped for a miracle!

Almost a year after Zessy was born, while on a check-up to a local health centre, they were informed about Mission Smile’s upcoming free cleft lip & palate rectification surgery camp in Agartala.

At the mission-site Dr BRAM Hospital, Agartala, Zessy’s mother, was overjoyed knowing that her baby girl had been screened and selected for cleft surgery. The child was successfully operated on on 27th March 2018 and was discharged the next day.

Little Zessy went back with her mother and grandfather, leaving behind her misfortune and embraced her life anew! The parting words of her mother were – “A new life awaits my daughter and me, and together we will walk the path God has laid for us”. Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears!

Zessy’s story of transformation has just begun. Your donation and support were critical in opening up a life of opportunity for little Zessy. We have pledged to bring more smiles across India, and we invite you to be a part of our mission of making a cleft-free India.

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